Represent! Exhibition

Graphic Design Workshop Facilitation

This project won a Partnership Award at the North West Cultural Education Awards 2018 (hosted by Curious Minds). It was described by as, “a bold, colourful and powerful piece of artwork”.

It was a collaboration between myself, the People’s History Museum Salford, and Manchester Secondary PRU. Manchester Secondary PRU is a pupil referral unit for young people who have experienced real difficulties in mainstream high schools.

I worked with their students on a creative photography project for public exhibition at the People’s History Museum. The students’ work was part of a wider exhibition: ‘Represent! Voices 100 Years On’. The collection celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act.

After planning and leading workshops with the young people, I curated a final collection of photographs and artwork into a style sympathetic to the exhibition as a whole, which was designed by Riposte Magazine.

The lead teacher for this project wrote, “The artwork was very personal and revolved around the ways our students are perceived. Joseph was endlessly patient and made the students feel like their identities and experiences were valued. Joseph really captured the nature of the individual while creating a cohesive exhibition. It is a huge achievement for our students.”

One student in an evaluation said, “I learnt more about myself, and Joe has helped me open up and be true to myself.”