The Tempest

Creative Producer Theatre Design


A touring theatre production of The Tempest. I produced this as Untold Theatre ( in 2016. We presented Shakespeare’s narrative in parallel with events from the so-called ‘Migrant Crisis’. The production raised £1,500 for Doctors Without Borders (MSF).


The production was reviewed as “original, imaginative and bold” in Broadway Baby, while Everything Theatre wrote that “it left me both inspired and spellbound”. I'm particularly pleased with the critical response to my technical design: A review in RemoteGoat said that "imaginative technical talent that lies behind Joseph Rynhart’s evocative and atmospheric projections." Everything Theatre also said that the 'wow factor' in the production was a "technical ingenuity that uses multimedia to its advantage…It left me both inspired and spellbound."

My role

As a co-producer for The Tempest, I created a Tour Pack and booked all the performances. This meant working with a variety of venues (theatres, rural halls, places of education). I had to maintain consistent, accurate communication. As well as tour-booking, I drafted the necessary legal documents (e.g. Employee Contacts, Risk Assessments). In my role as a designer, I created digital projections for the show and designed the lighting and sound. I additionally designed and deployed all marketing for this production.

Creative Process

To set the production in the near future, I used verbatim newsreel clips to create a fictional timeline of ‘what could be’. I wanted nature to be a character in its own right, pushing the characters through the narrative. To achieve this, I devised a soundtrack that used wildlife and weather sounds to underscore key moments in the play - and to illustrate the magic of the island. For example, we hear birdsong the first time Miranda and Ferdinand meet; the wind picks up as Antonio and Sebastian conspire to kill the king.